What We Do

Credo Advocates is a fast growing medium size Ugandan law firm which specializes in areas of Mining, Land transactions, NGO Management, Immigration, Business Transactions, Land Transactions and conveyancing, Taxation and litigation.

Credo Advocates provides specialized legal advisory and legal consultancy to its clients in the following areas;


Our global mining group is internationally recognized as a leading legal practice in the sector, providing tailored advice to prominent players throughout the mining industry. we are able to assemble a legal team from multiple practice areas who offer a wealth of experience in mining

Land Transactions

We have a competent team with experience in all aspects of land law and property transactions all over Uganda. The Team undertakes property related matters ranging from structured property transactions, Leases and Licensees, mortgages/charges/securities

NGO Management

NGOs are an important asset in the world today, but how exactly can they be managed? What are the particularities that need to be considered and what challenges does the team face? Nowadays, NGOs are having a huge impact on our civil society and a lot of people


We advise on immigration laws and assist in obtaining the various forms of visas ranging from business or visitor visas, special passes for foreigners engaged in short-term work assignments in the country (up to six months), student passes and dependent passes

Business Transactions

The cornerstones of any successful business are its assets, relationships, transactions and financial strength. Securing and leveraging each requires careful business planning and strategic deal structuring. Since the firm’s inception 15 years ago, Credo Advocates

Taxation and litigation

One of our specialty area in which we have acquired knowledge and expertise is tax. The Credo team has over ten years of experience, knowledge, extra qualifications and practical skill in dealing with tax and tax-related matters and can capably and ably provide all-round tax